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Services Beyond Smiles

No cliché of “Service with a smile”. We are as real as you get. True smiles from the heart. Our proven treatment is itself our service with a smile!

Every touch, every solution comes from our heart. A passion to serve and ensure ease and comfort from start to finish – from examination, diagnostic to prognostic.

Whether it is aesthetic dentistry, general dentistry or restorative dentistry, one thing is assured – your smile is back on your face.

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The mouth is an integral part of total body health.

Customised Dentistry : Our personalized consultation & diagnosis provide patients with the resources they need to get their teeth health on track – you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your teeth is in good hands !

Stop by & schedule an appointment to experience first hand how Dr K. A. Tan & his team can help your oral health today.

  • Consultation with Intra-oral camera
  • Modern low dose digital panoramic x-ray facilities with advanced high contrast & resolution
  • CBCT Scan: advanced 3D imaging for implant virtual planning for maximum success with lowest risk
  • Digital Cephalometric radiograph
  • Intraoral radiograph
  • Facial & smile analysis and design

Aesthetic Dentistry

Social research shows that the teeth is an integral and important element that enhance the attractiveness of the face.

Yes! Your teeth can be aligned to the golden proportion and very much enhanced in many aspects & many ways.

  • Whitening for the bright & clean look. Low invasive method to achieve meaningful results.
  • Veneers ( porcelain or composite ) for smile makeover.
  • Cosmetic crowns.
  • Teeth alignment using technology enhanced methods
    – Conventional braces
    – Invisible braces
    – Myobrace : harnessing patient’s muscles & growth potential & creating healthy breathing habits

General Dentistry

Meticulously preserving what is present ( restorative dentistry ) while removing what is diseased.

  • Tooth-colour fillings
    Using high grade materials with modern minimal intervention concept for better long term results.
  • Preserving teeth : endodontic/ root canal treatment with efficient and latest instruments, concepts & techniques.
  • Removing hopeless diseased teeth:
    – Gentle extraction
    – Oral surgery for wisdom tooth
    – Total extraction concept: Removing unhealthy associated tissue, e.g. granuloma
    – Surgical extraction of broken roots

Dental Implants

When teeth are previously lost or extracted, the bone gets lesser over time as a result of non-function.

Implant is a rejuvenation process to maintain the bone dimension by virtue of function. Hence, jaw resorption and bone loss are prevented over time.

It is indeed the most advanced and ideal method to replace missing teeth.

The existing teeth are happy to have an implant crown next to them as each tooth helps each other to share the biting load.

The earlier the implant is inserted, the less likely is the need for extra and more complicated clinical procedure like bone graft to create more bone.

At K. A. Tan Dental Surgery, we have a wealth of experience of more than 10 years of successful implants placement to the well being of patients’ long term eating ability.

One of the world’s best researched & top Swiss made Straumann implant has always been our recommended implant due to it’s 99.5% success rate in our hands.

We also carefully select different implant range according to patient’s suitability.

Implant is an aid to functional rehabilitation :

  • Improving chewing efficiency for health & jaw support
  • Supporting ceramic crowns & bridges & dentures as well

Periodontal care

( gums treatment)

The gums are the foundation for the teeth & it’s importance cannot be underestimated.

World-wide, gum disease or periodontal disease is still the number one reason why people lose their teeth, so much so, most people think that getting loose teeth is part of the aging process.

The truth of the matter is that like diamond, the teeth can be forever .

  • Regular scaling / debridement with the most gentle tools sourced
  • Salt polishing for stains
  • Deep scaling for subgingival tartar / calculus
  • Root planning
  • LLLT ( low level laser therapy ) using the premium ARC Laser to boost gum’s immunity & to reduce inflammation